Are you a business owner?
Are you familiar with the trade or barter system?

eBarterExchangeeBarterExchange is launching in 84cities and in doing so it needs representation in each of those cities (Trade City
Ambassadors) to work with its Business Members.

Troy Warren has taken Barter to another level by setting up a very robust and sophisticated barter (read trade)
exchange at eBarterExchange. This exchange is both business and consumer based.  Consumers can participate through a special reward plan that is unique to this exchange.

This creates an opportunity for residual income annually if you live in or near one of the cities on this list: eBarter cities   AND IF your city has not already been reserved.

As with most opportunities there is a fee or investment attached. The same applies here, however put your checkbook and credit card away. You won’t need them. We’re a barter company!  Your investment will be a ONE TIME trade of your goods, services or time.

You should already have a business of your own to qualify. One of the big benefits of being a Trade City Ambassador is all of the Business Members in your city eBarterExchange will be exposed to your current business. At first there will be dozens of Members in each city and as it catches on,  hundreds over time.

Intrigued? Want to know more? Just message me with your  email address and I will send you the contact information to get all the details.  terry@terryloving.com

Once the cities are reserved and claimed, they are gone forever. While there are additional cities available, there’s even a referral component to refer other Ambassadors so you can receive residual transaction cash/barter commissions in addition to your city on the long road. That’s why I’ve contacted you!

I just signed on as an Ambassador for Seattle and am excited about getting the eBarterExchange launched here very soon. The other cities are going fast so act fast if you are intrigued and want more details.

Here is the city list again. It is being updated all the time   eBarter cities

Good Luck!  I look forward to working with you should you if you decide this is a good fit for you.
Terry Loving

P.S. We are giving away FREE press releases – a value of $499. Email me today to find out more!

Referred by Teresa Beeman and Willie Crawford! What a team!