How to Improve your LinkedIn Profile Presence

Make a good first impression on LinkedIn
how-to-improve-your-linkedin-profile-presenceIt is all about presentation

With over 400 Million LinkedIn users and over 200 world wide countries represented, LinkedIn is where you need to be with a professional profile.

Recruiters search for potential candidates and 89% have hired someone through Linked In. Business to Business companies use LinkedIn to make serious connections as well as branding and marketing their services.

You have 7 seconds to make a good impression

The info graphic below outlines the points to make your profile outstanding. For additional help on the “How”, view the video in the previous post.

Be consistent with your name.
Brand the name you use across all your marketing – on your business cards, email signature, resume and social media accounts. Make it easy for people to find you.

Use a professional photo
A professional, age appropriate photo makes you 14 times more likely to be found on LinkedIn. I personally will not respond to a connection request with people who have no photo posted. I want to know who I am connecting with.

Create your custom URL
It’s easy and allows you to share your link more professionally.

Use simple language and avoid buzzwords to stand out from the crowd.
Use relevant Keywords to help people find you.

Have someone proof read you profile and check for spelling errors.

Make sure all your links work.

Complete all the key sections so your profile is strong.
Take note of the strength meter and go for 100% completeness.

Linked provides a button to turn off notivications so every change you make is not promoted as a post. It will announce things that you really didn’t want everyon to see at the time.

Keep your contact list open – offer to introduce others.

Be helpful. Resist self promotion.

LinkedIn isn’t annonymous. People can see who has viewed their profile. To remain anonymous, select that in your settings or log out.

Respond to messages and requests for connections in a timely manner.
You don’t have to accept every invitation. Do your research

Though LinkedIn is among the “Social Networks”, the sharing and etiquette for posts and interactions is mostly professional – providing value and information relevant to business. When commenting on posts or in groups, be helpful, provide information that will assist others and demonstrate your expertise.

You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. A strong LinkedIn profile will do just that – Increase your visibility online.  Let’s get you found.

Thank you  Ghergich and for this great infographic!



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