LinkedIn Profile Visibility – 6 Strategies for Optimizing your profile

Optimizing your LinkedIn Profile

Creating a unique, professional profile on LinkedIn gives you a head start and a firm basis for using Relationship Marketing in your business.

  1. Use a professional image.
    Put your best face forward. This is not the time for a picture of you with your kids, your dog, or your logo. LinkedIn is all about building relationships; networking with real people. Your potential contacts feel much more comfortable if they can picture the person they are communicating with. Smile and look me in the eye with friendly confidence.
  2.  Create an engaging, keyword rich (searchable) headline.
    A concise headline is a “specific mini resume” that is captured by the search engines. This kernel of information appears whenever you post or comment on LinkedIn as people scroll over your name. If you are not sure of the keyword rich details you should include, determine what terms you want to be found for by doing a bit of “search research”. When you search a particular term, do others with your expertise show up? Borrow the terms that apply to you and tweak them.
  3. Include the keywords you’ve adopted within your profile summary.
    Search engines do seek the relative content to bring you higher in their search. Repeat the keywords within the content for projects you describe, previous employment, and any descriptions where it reads “naturally”. Do not be tempted to over populate your content with the keyword terms. Use them appropriately.
  4. Include 6 – 10 skills that reflect your keyword terms.
    There are two places to list skills:
    1) List them within your summary as skills or specialties
    2) Strategically select and limit the Top Skills section
    (The skills that others click to recommend you carry very little weight in the search to find you.)
  5. Customize your LinkedIn URL with your name.
    Directions are here. This short process will give your link a professional appearance as you share your link online with others.
    ie: vs

  6. Ask for recommendations from people that you know and have worked with. Recommendations carry much weight with prospective connections and employers. Consider writing a sample recommendation that includes skills, qualities, and achievements that you would like them to include. Offer to reciprocate with a recommendation for their profile as well.

These 6 tips will start you on your way to a more complete LinkedIn profile that is easily found in the search engines. There is a lot more that you can complete within your profies to stand out above the noise. With over 4 million users, it requires a bit of attention to your profile to rise above the noise.

By budgeting your time and spending about 15 – 20 minutes a day completing your profile, you will be experiencing the benefits before you know it. Your profile should not be written as a comprehensive “Resume” – Your LinkedIn Profile provides insights to your personality, expertise, skills and highlights the areas you excel in. Others are viewing it to get to know you, your service and your products – to build a relationship.

Write your profile to stand out on LinkedIn.

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