Social Media Job Hunting resources.

Social Media Etiquette

  • How Social Media Can Make or Break Your Job Search
    “Is what you’re posting on Facebook the reason you didn’t get that job? As recruiters increasingly turn to social media during the hiring process, the answer could very well be “yes.” A recent study by Jobvite, a social recruiting platform, found that an overwhelming 93 percent of recruiters look at a candidate’s social profile. In addition, a recent survey from the job site CareerBuilder found that more than half of employers who researched job candidates on social media found content that caused them not to hire the candidate.”
  • Mind your Social Netiquette
    “Your manners and etiquette matter online in social networks.”
  • Mirium Salpeter’s best Social Media job hunting tips
    “Don’t have public arguments online. As tempted as you are to throw a nasty jab at someone who posted something that bothers you, it’s better to keep your cool. Companies are looking for people with emotional intelligence, not a short fuse. One way to signal maturity and sophistication is by maintaining decorum on the Web.”
  • Perform a Social Media Cleanup Before a Job Search
    “Potential employers don’t know you well and are still in the process of forming their opinions about you. Make sure your social media accounts help them form accurate and positive opinions that reassure them of your professionalism and reliability.”

The Social Media Examinar did an entire series on Job Hunting Support.

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