SEO is an ongoing activity.

SEO, when done well, it promises to help your product, service and business be one of the first ones found when searched for on line.

Ranking higher on Google does not happen overnight – though some companies would like to promise you that they can do this for you by tweaking the SEO. In some instances, for some unusual key words, it may be possible. For most keywords that have competitors, it is an ongoing exercise requiring strategic attention.

I cannot guarantee a #1 Page ranking even using all my SEO techniques.  What I can guarantee is that you will have my undivided attention to work with you to consistently raise your ranking so you appear more frequently and rise to the top of your competitors.  You will be seeing results within weeks of implementing the measures outlined below.

Even if we do get it to rank #1 on a particular day for a particular keyword, there is no guarantee it is going to stay there – Your competitors are working on similar SEO tactics and seeking similar results.

It is a shove, push, wiggle and tickle game with a moving target.  As the search engine algorithms change and your presence becomes more visible on line, the factors that make you more visible will work together to give you a higher page ranking.

Therefore, good SEO is expensive. I do not propose to be an expert, however, I have learned many best practices to implement and get results consistently.   By consistently learning, reading and actively asking about and implementing what works, I get good results.

You are paying me for my persistent pursuit of visibility for your business and that takes time. We track it and discover what works for your business.

Give me a call to discuss the possibilities.