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7 Blog comments to Get Traffic

Blog Commenting

Quite frankly, this has fairly similar characteristics as forum posting. In most blogs there is no real need to build up a reputation.  One is able to just find blogs in your niche that welcome commenting and not opposed to having backlinks posted. Then comment away.

Be sure that your comments and links are meaningful [...]

6 - Forum Participation a Source of Traffic


For almost every niche, there are forums around online where people would flock to discuss the issues that surround it. Naturally, this represents a base of potential traffic that you could tap into, but the question that should be asked is, “How?”

Obtaining traffic from a forum can sometimes be a long process. Most good forums [...]

5- Article Marketing for Traffic

Article Marketing

Another easy way of gaining both backlinks and traffic, article marketing is more powerful than many first realize. In fact, some people use it solely for the backlink value, and by doing so, are ignoring a potentially incredible source of extremely targeted traffic.

On the whole, the entire process of article marketing could be summed [...]