Does your Business have a LinkedIn Company Page?

Linkedin/TerryLovingLinkedIn is an important professional networking social media site.   You should have an optimized personal profile and if your business qualifies, a Company Business Page. Read on for more information.

Why have a LinkedIn Business Page?

Businesses use LinkedIn to promote products and services, spread brand awareness, hire employees, and convey your corporate culture. LinkedIn is ideally suited for corporations, B2B companies, solo-entrepreneurs, freelancers, and companies that do recruiting online.

A LinkedIn company business page gives your brand a bigger opportunity to be found on line by the people you want to do business with. LinkedIn company pages provide credibility for your business and are ranked well in search engines – again increasing your visibility.

Getting started with a Company Page

First, establish your personal profile, optimizing it for the current persona, business, and brand you represent. (Download the LinkedIn Optimization Checklist here.)  Once your personal profile is complete, seriously consider creating a LinkedIn page for your company.

Why do I need a LinkedIn Company Business Page?

A Company Page helps LinkedIn members learn about your business, brand, and job opportunities. Any LinkedIn member can follow a Company Page. (LinkedIn Help)

A LinkedIn Company Page is an introductory site about your company specifically addressed to the LinkedIn network. People can learn about your products, services, and company there.  Your employees can use this avenue to promote your company content reaching more prospects and increasing visibility.

Company Page Eligibility

linkedin captureLinkedIn qualifies an individual attempting to establish a business page through an eligibility process thus maintaining professional standards. Only companies that meet the eligibility requirements can establish a page. See the eligibility requirements here.  One of the first requirements that you will discover is that your email address is one from the business domain. Free accounts such as gmail or yahoo are not allowed.


Alternative to a Business Page –
If you do not have an exclusive company domain email try this.

If you discover you are not eligible for a company page, an alternative is to create a LinkedIn Group. In a group you can connect establish a close connection with your customers and fans. The main difference is that while a Company Page is specifically about your business, a Group is not a promotional channel. Instead, it should be based around a concept or topic related to your company and target market.

Creating your LinkedIn Business Page

 Creating a Business Page

To create a Company Page, click on ‘Companies’ in the top menu bar of your LinkedIn profile. Then click on the ‘Add a Company’ link in the upper right-hand corner. It will ask for your company name and an email address.

Company Information

Once it is determined you’re eligible to create a Company Page, enter your information here:  Add a Company

LinkedIn will send you a confirmation email with details to use to get started. When you click the link in the email, it will redirect you to a page where you can edit your company information. This includes choosing admins, uploading a logo, and writing a company description.

The company description should include everything that people who are seeing your company for the first time need to know. It should tell new customers who you are and what you do.

There is also a field where you can enter your ‘specialties’.  These are searchable keywords that relate to your business. Additional areas are available for products and services. Use your keywords as you write descriptions and list products. Label images with searchable terms so that they’ll appear in search engine results.

Add Valuable Content Consistently

It’s important to post status updates to your Company page on a regular basis.  You can read LinkedIn’s own recommendations on Best Practices for Company Status Updates here. LinkedIn, in an effort to keep the standards high, do monitor companies that are posting too frequently. To make your company stand out, keep your status updates consistently authentic, content rich, and valuable to your audience. By adding value to LinkedIn’s professional content you will receive more visibility.

LinkedIn Company Pages Tips and Best Practices

  • To publish your Company Page you must include a company description (250-2000 characters including spaces), and company website URL.
  • Upload both a regular logo and a small square logo to use as an avatar. Pay attention to sizing restrictions to make sure it appears professional on the page. LinkedIn image information
  • Add a banner image to your Page.
  • Ask your employees to add your Company Page to their profiles. This will get your page more exposure. Customize a description that can be copied and pasted into their profile.
  • Elicit product recommendations and testimonials to use as content on a sidebar. This is a powerful form of social proof that will encourage others to try your products.

The best way to connect with others on LinkedIn is to be proactive. Know your specific audience, locate them on LinkedIn and extend an invitation to connect.  Join groups and become a contributing member. Be engaging and connect with others, comment on their content, interact, and provide help and solutions for other users. Use the LinkedIn Publish feature to post informative and helpful articles.

LinkedIn is a tool and could be the most valuable tool in your professional toolbox.

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