How Social Media & SEO Work Together to Increase Your Visibility

Social Media and SEO working together

teamwork SEO and Social Media LovingSearch engine optimization (SEO) and social media go hand-in-hand in today’s online marketing world. Social media is one key part of necessary SEO practices to increase the possibility of getting found on line.

SEO  is described as

the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.

The SEO process includes a variety of factors that search engines use to rank your website. Not all search engines are the same. Each has their own algorithm they use to determine how to rank sites. Knowing and using the keywords that apply to your particular business in all your content has been a basic strategy to ensure the search engines will find you for the terms people are searching for. This is becoming less of a consideration in the search engines as evident in this article from Search Metrics. (1)

The keyword strategy, though it may be losing its punch, still applies to how you make the best use of your social media presence as a tool for visibility for your business.

Statistic show that Social media is proving to be a great way to distribute compelling and useful content to an interested audience. The consumption of the content and the activity the exchanges on social media generate is “noticed” by the search engines. The more that people are engaged and sharing your content via social media, the more “hits” your site receives when you are able to optimize the content and links. This seems to have a positive effect on the search engines and they tend to rank your information a little higher than information that is not being shared (though Google, for one, claims they do not directly use the social media activity for ranking). (2) Search Metrics

It does seem logical to me though, that since the purpose of social media is for interaction with others, then when the content you are sharing is building relationships and communities, the search engines will tend to place a higher value on that content being shared.

Since that is the case, the key to the success of any of the social media sites you opt to use for your business would be to build relationships with your valuable, engaging content.  Become the consistent source of help to them by offering content they can use. Develop your brand and become known with the value you offer.  It seems simple to me.

How I see SEO & Social Media Cooperating

SEO and social media work together effortlessly “behind the scenes” yet they are distinctly different. The goal of SEO is to get more high quality inbound links to your online sites; the goal for social media is to engage your current audience and attract new audience members. They overlap when it comes to creating strong inbound links – inbound links are those that link back to your website or blog.

The best way to do either is through the content that you use for both social media and SEO purposes.

Today, without a solid social media marketing plan you don’t have a good SEO plan.

Next post I have more to say on this topic. Visibility is getting you found on line!

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