Optimize Your Social Media Profiles

to Get Found by your Specific Audience

social_media_Your social media strategy starts with carefully optimized social media profiles. Optimizing your profiles means people can find you for who you are and what you do. When they are searching for answers to their problems and need some help, you will be found above the noise of everybody else.

The following are some specific tips to optimize your social media pages and profiles. By crafting your information to deliver answers to your specific audience you wish to serve, your social media accounts will help you get found quickly by your perfect client.

  • General Tips
    Start with a professional headshot and logo for your business. An image of you is always the best because people like being able to see the person they’re communicating with – the know, like and trust piece of marketing. On a business page, sometimes combining your business logo and your professional head shot will help you stand out.
  • Facebook.com – Facebook “FAN” or Business Page
    Put a profile picture on your Facebook Business Page that accurately reflects your business’ attitude. Then incorporate your logo or business message in the Facebook cover photo. On a business page, people want to know who you are and who they are communicating with. Carefully complete all of the information that Facebook asks for inserting your website links where appropriate. Utilize the tabs that are available creating links back to your website. More Facebook Optimization tips  Connect with Terry on Facebook
  • LinkedIn.com — LinkedIn.com is set up to be a very professional buttoned up version of Facebook. LinkedIn.com is not to be used for personal business, but rather only for business. You want a very professional headshot, a professional headline, links to your contact information, and a custom LinkedIn.com URL. Then you want to add your custom link to your email, your business card, and your online real estate such as your blog. Leave your name and email address in the form on this page to get your FREE LinkedIn optimization checklist.   Connect with Terry on LinkedIn
  • Twitter.com — Use a profile picture that accurately represents your business and you, and then fill out the profile completely using links where appropriate. Include information that will pique the interest of followers. Twitter allows you to create custom backgrounds, ensure that your background makes the most of the space allowed. Connect with Terry on Twitter
  • Pinterest.com — Replace the push pin with your own picture. Pinterest is a lot more interactive so an action shot of you might be very effective as a profile picture on Pinterest. Next, create a good keyword rich profile description so that your audience knows to follow you. Tell the readers what to expect from your pinning activities. Finally, be sure to verify your website. This ensures viewers that you are legitimate. Connect with Terry On Pinterest

Fully optimizing your pages will help you stand out from the crowd and be found by your specific audience.

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