Combine Blogging and Social Media for great Results

Blogging and Social Media
Combine the Two for Maximum Impact

First let’s talk about blogging –

FB blog captureBlogging content is a type of content that is probably the most important when it comes to integrating social media and SEO. Blogs are easy to update, simple to optimize, and search engines love them because they provide current and new information. Search engines love current information updated often.

It’s important to create your blogging plan and organize the type of content that you will put on your blog. Consider outlining a year-long topic calendar for your writing. Plan ahead to create high-quality, relevant and follows good rules of SEO, and that is sharable, and enjoyed by real people.  Take a look at some of the most popular top ranked blogs to see what topics people like, how often they are published, and how they author sets up the content.
Top 15 Blogs Sept 2015 

Following through with the plan and purpose for your blogging will 

  • Get More Inbound Links
    Getting inbound links from trusted sources helps improve your pagerank and SEO. Search engines use inbound links as another way of ranking your website (or the pages in your website) and by providing better search engine results to those who are searching for your content, products and / or services. Legitimate, quality inbound links  influence your page’s rank in the search engines.
  • Create Share-able Content
    By creating content that others will enjoy reading or viewing and want to share you will get more inbound links. Each time someone shares the content that you created, it makes a new link pointing to the content that you’ve created. Content that people love to share are viral videos, infographics and “how-to” content.  (I will dive into some of the factors that makes content go viral in another blog post.)
  • Publish on a Consistent Basis
    Consistency in your posting is important. If your readers expect a content update, oftentimes they’ll bookmark your site, or they’ll visit more often. Plus, you’ll become a trusted source of information that your readers will enjoy sharing with others.
  • Promote Content on Social Media
    It’s very important that you promote each piece of content that you create on your own relevant social media accounts. Then ask your followers and friends to share as well. Give them a call to action by only posting an enticing bit so they want to read more. Send out new blog content to your social media accounts, to newsletter sign ups, and to subscribers for maximum impact.

As you think of sharing your content on social media it’s important to understand where to start and how to do it effectively. I will get into that in the next post.  Social Media Optimization

If you are new to blogging, I highly recommend John Chow’s program – Blogging with John Chow. He walks you through step by step taking care of all the details. This link is my affiliate link. I purchased and went through the program myself.


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