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How to customize your LinkedIn profile URL for a more professional appearance. After reading Mike McCormik’s article on LinkedIn I wanted to show you how to personalize your link.

3. Q. What is a personalized URL and is it important to have one?

A. The default URL that LinkedIn creates when you create a profile follows a structure such as this: (what appears to be a random set of numbers). That URL is not exactly SEO friendly and is definitely not memorable.

Customizing the URL allows you to give it a “brand” and be easy to use and remember. Once customized, the /pub is changed to /in and the customized content is displayed.

As an example:
There is a difference and you should never accept the default URl. Customize it!



Click “Edit your public profile” in the upper right-hand corner.


Insert your name or brand you wish to have as the personalized URL.

SAVE YOUR PROFILE and you are done!

It will make sharing your profile much more professional.

Let’s connect!



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