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Monitor your website for SEO issues as well as needed updates so that it is possible to increase visibility and ranking in the various search engines.
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Google Analytics

Are you using Google Analytics to monitor the metrics on your website? Let us do it for you. We provide regular reports analyzing the statistics and data on which to base decisions to grow your business and increase your ROI. With our expertise we will assist you in tracking the decisions that enable you to see the results you desire.

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We consistently monitor your website for vulnerabilities and needed updates to protect your business.
Provided with every plan.

Video Marketing

Get professionly designed videos to promote your website, market your business and products on all the top social media platforms.
Video from scripts
Voice Over
Educational Video
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Let us help you with Social Media, Marketing, and Visibility for your business to get your message out to the world.
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Email Marketing

All the tools and tips you need to get your online marketing on track. Whether it’s creating great looking email marketing campaigns, building an awesome website with ease, creating a beautiful logo for your brand, running Google Ads to get more website traffic, or finding new customers on social media, we’ve got all the tools, features, and expert guidance you need to help you succeed—all in one place
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“We monitor your WordPress site's Security & Manage it with as much attention as if it is our own site!”

― Terry Loving

My Clients & Customers

Roberta Macdonald
Facilitator of Calm Under the Stress and Aging Well
Author:  Parent Success:  99 Ways to Make It Happen
Rose Harrow
Certified Master Business Coach,
"Terry Loving has been and continues to be an on-going help to me with my online classes and, also, as editor to my first book published through Amazon.
Her expertise with computer technology and the social media is excellent and extremely beneficial to me.  She has been wonderfully patient in teaching me the part I must play in handling the necessary computer knowledge that I was lacking in order to make my businesses work. I have learned so much and I continue to learn, thanks to Terry."
"Terry is clearly at home in the world of “tech.”  She helped me out when I was in a technology jam, and I continue to learn from her since then.  She is kind and competent, and so patient explaining “tech” to me! 
Masanda LaRa Gadd
Website Updated 2021
"Working with Terry to create my new website to identify my brand and purpose was amazing.  She really helped me get clear about what kind of services I wanted to offer and present a visual message to invite people into spiritual healing."I appreciated her patience as we walked through all of the technical aspects of the website and getting everything working properly.  She has a systematic approach to the bigger picture which brought it all together as I launch my business.

I highly recommend Terry Loving to be your patient techy guru!

"It's a pleasure to work with you and support you in expanding your business!
How do I begin to tell you how fabulous Terry Loving is - She is a technical extraordinaire and she has helped me to be successful in my business. I have worked with Terry for years to navigate my way through the set-up, updates and technical challenges that come with maintaining a website. She answers my most basic questions and helps me get clear about what I need to do to make sure everything is running smoothly. She is patient and kind and her follow-up and attention to detail is unparalleled along with her knowledge and expertise.
I highly recommend you call her today and get started!
Suzanne Mitchell & Gary Mantz 
Mantz & Mitchel Radio Talk Show
1150 AM KKNW
Alternative Talk Radio

"It has been our good fortune to work with Terry Loving for over a decade on our website. She suggested multiple options for a website design and, at first, we labored intensively together as we determined what worked best for our business. Over time, and with Terry’s knowledge and great patience, we transformed the way we handled our website to one where we update it weekly ourselves in just a few minutes.

Terry remains our technical support for any questions that arise and is prompt to respond to our inquiries. We heartily recommend her to you."


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