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“The mark of a person who is in control of consciousness is the ability to focus attention at will, to be oblivious to distractions, to concentrate for as long as it takes to achieve a goal, and not longer. And the person who can do this usually enjoys the normal course of everyday life.”
 Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience
Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (1990, p. 31)

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How do you get into that special Work at Home state of mind where work starts to flow effortlessly and you get a lot done in a short period of time? It’s a great rewarding feeling when things get checked off that “To Do” list.

I have yet to be able to achieve it consistently and want the mindset to get into more regularly.

Here are several steps I use currently to get into my work at home flow. I want to hear what works for you!  Just email me!

Step 1 Preparation

Having my desk space ready with everything I need helps. It’s hard for me to get into the flow when I’m constantly having to get up to grab more supplies, grab a file or search for something I know I have.  It’s not just the things away from my desk, it is also email, my phone, and social media prompts. I’ve been well trained!

Today’s practice is to turn the sound off of my phone and my computer for my personal “office hours”. That is helping and is part of my preparation.

I attempt to make sure I have all things and information might need at my fingertips. This isn’t always possible. New ideas and things pop up while I’m working, yet do I do my best to eliminate having to stop and look for a file or folder when I get in the flow.

Part of the preparation is to get comfortable

That means using an ergonomic chair & desk to work at. Also creating a setting that’s conducive to flow – water at hand, headphones with special brain focus music I found on YouTube, and a lap blanket to keep me warm!

What motivates and inspires you to get into a workflow? Is it music, scent, pictures of your pet or family, or the calendar with the project outline posted on it? Use whatever it takes to transport yourself into the flow state.

Step 2 Getting My Head in the game

Being in the flow is mostly mental – a mindset. The outside preparation items discussed above helps, yet I can sabotage all the preparation in the world if my mindset is off.  

So I spend a few minutes visualizing what it feels like to be in the flow. Then I think about why it is important to get this work done. For example who will it benefit? (myself, my clients, and my bank account) What impact will getting things done have on my job and my family? I find the internal motivation to increase the desire to get this done. I keep an affirmation or two that I’ve found on my desk. They help through the switch in my brain I’ve also set a timer that will remind me to take a break! Once all is set up inside my head, I’m ready to get to work and get into the flow.

Step 3 – Refer to a List of Priorities

I set 3 main goals for my day that fit in the following categories:

  1. What will make me money and pay my bills
  2. What will benefit my clients and bring their business success
  3. What needs to be attended to in my business today

Within each of these goals is “One Thing”. Only when the three things are done do I add additional items to my list. I do not always get everything done either. In which case they get rolled into my list for tomorrow at the end of my day.

With the big vision of a job and all those “audacious goals”, a list gets to be awfully long. By setting the priorities, then breaking each one into a block of time I am able to stay focused.

Are you willing to give this three-step process a try? It is currently working for me, and I know there are other plans- I would love to hear the one that works for you!

If you don’t already have one of your own, use this plan to get more done in less time. I think you will find as an added bonus that you’ll have more fun doing your work.  Then celebrate those days when you’ve checked everything off your list!

 What is great about having a work-flow plan is it leaves you plenty of time for the important things in your life such as spending time with your loved ones and relaxing with one of your favorite hobbies.

For me I head out for a walk! Nature feeds me!

Please send your comments to me. I would love to hear what is working for you to manage your workflow or favorite mindset affirmations!


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