6 Reasons to Prioritize Accessibility for a Business

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Prioritize Accessibility for your business.

It is easy (and affordable) to offer Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) digital access to all to ensure your Website Assets are compliant and accessible.

1 in 4 adults in US has disability
new report from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that 25% of U.S. adults (61 million people), and 40% age 65 or older, have a disability. Previous figures had placed that number closer to 1-in-5, or 20%.


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Here are 6 reasons to take action to prioritize accessibility:

  1. Know the ADA rules to be compliant and accessible. The Americans with Disabilities Act was signed into law in 1990. Knowing the requirements protects you from legal risks. You can access the Web content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) here. It offers the specific details to ensure your site is compliant. You can also test your website using an auditing tool hosted by AccessiBe. It is quick, free, and a report is sent to you that outlines the areas that will need your attention.  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) deserves to be your business’ top priority attention.
  2. ROI
    The number of people that cannot reach you through your website numbers in the millions. 25% of the population in the US have a disability that makes accessing the internet difficult. That’s about 65 million people who have trouble accessing your site. With these barriers, they are unable to apply for a job, purchase from your site, request help from customer service, and get the information you are offering. (This number may be higher today.) When your site is compliant, it taps into the spending potential, your ability to hire qualified people, and protects you from legal action.
  3. SEO Optimization
    Relevancy for users is part of the current algorithms in search engines. Having your site useable on both desktop and mobile by all users produces more relevant, higher ranking results and increase the time spent on your website. Accessibility options that affect ranking include Alt Tags, video transcripts, navigation, and of course content and links.
  4. Potential Lawsuits can be Avoided
    Companies with less than $50 million were the targets of 2/3 in 2021” Will smaller sites get sued? It may just be a matter of time as more attention is focused on the needs and rights of people with any disability. Consider being proactive as you plan and scale your business. Prepare your website for all users as digital accessibility is a civil right for people with disabilities.
    Bureau of Internet Accessibility
  5. Build lasting Relationships
    Write an accessibility statement for your business and website then share it on all your social accounts. When you make that commitment to DEI public and sharable, it gets the message out to others. Your site and blog posts become useful and therefore shared. The message of the inclusivity of your business develops into great PR as others discover you.
  6. Website Usability with a Comprehensive, Affordable AI solution
    Providing a website where it is easy to consume the content benefits both your visitors and your business. There is an “easy button” for getting this done.  You won’t need to clean up code or hire someone who knows coding. The solution I recommend does not require special coding or knowledge, take time and money to get it done, nor do you need to keep updating it as changes happen over time. Best of all, it is an affordable solution for a small, conscientious business, sensitive to the needs of their community.

Prioritize Accessibility and Check out AccessiBe

AccessiBe Widget is a quick, comprehensive, automatic solution that easy to install. It does the heavy lifting for you as you do not need to keep updating it. The “fix” is completed in minutes with the install. It makes comprehensive changes covering a huge assortment of solutions throughout the entire website. A person with a need is then able to select the best solution for them from a menu.

You can view the AccessiBe widget working on our website: TerryLoving.com and try out the applications.

Inclusivity is a consumer demand. People want to spend their money on a brand that is inclusive and aligned with their needs. Build your reputation as an inclusive business. Inform your customers and clients that you are taking a moral stand and supporting the needs of all people. It becomes a strategic business decision.

AccessiBe makes adding the web accessible service an easy, affordable technology solution. It’s a win / win for you and your customers.

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