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LinkedIn is all about building social networks for business professionals.  Keeping this in mind, LinkedIn regularly changes and updates its platform to accommodate its audience.  You can send and receive messages both privately and publicly in your newsfeed which can be seen by your entire network.  It also allows you to send invitations to connections you would like to meet and to introduce others to connections you think they should meet.  It caters to a more serious audience then than other social media platforms.  Because of this, posting too often on LinkedIn is not going to give you the positive attention you might think and is more than likely going to irritate your connections.  In case you missed it, see our previous post, How to Get Noticed on LinkedIn.

Quality Over Quantity

Always keep in mind the purpose of why you are using LinkedIn in the first place.  Ensure that you send updates your connections will find relevant and you’ll find that posting regularly will not be difficult.   Be mindful of your goals and the content of your messages you send your connections to make it quality reading.  Using this strategy will gain you more attention than posting several times a day.

Stay Consistent

It’s important to not only be consistent in how often you post on LinkedIn but also be consistent in your messaging as well.  Share key blog posts along with updates about what is going on with your business.  According to, posting between the hours of 10 am to 11 am is most effective.

Focus on Your Goals

Whenever you post on LinkedIn, keep in mind the point of your message:

  • Will your contacts find it relevant?
  • Why are you sharing it?
  • What is the desired result?
  • What actions do you want readers to take?

Once you’ve answered the above questions you can decide on what call to action you should include in the post.


Don’t feel you need to post each day if you don’t want to.  Experts suggest you should not post on LinkedIn more than once a day.  Twice a week is the recommended minimum you should post on LinkedIn.  By using this frequency strategy you not only keep your audience informed, but it keeps your account active so you don’t miss out on any vital information from your contacts.

Lastly, the most important thing you want on LinkedIn is engagement, not just posting without any conversation with your contacts.  Join groups that are relevant and comment often.  When you see updates from your connections comment on those as well.  When you make staying engaged the focus of your purpose on LinkedIn, you will gain more valuable connections and get the results you want.

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