I Added These to My Daily Routine to Boost My Productivity

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January has a way of prodding me, motivating me, not to make resolutions, more like reminding me with my desire and determination to be more focused in my online business. A gift given to me this January – Brenden Burchard’s Growth Day app, provides daily motivational thoughts. It reminded me to set a strong intention…

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5 Benefits of Being your Authentic Self While Blogging

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If you’re not being your authentic self while blogging, you’re not doing it right. Here are 5 benefits of staying true to yourself while sharing your thoughts and experiences online: Being your true self leads to happiness “The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.“Motivational speaker Brian…

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How to Whitelist email Accounts on a cPanel

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6 Quick Steps to Whitelist cPanel eMail Accounts This week I experienced some frustration attempting to communicate with and help a person with WordPress website troubles. It was happening to both of us! All our emails were going into each other’s junk folders. You may ask, “Why might random email accounts get slammed for being…

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The Benefits of Using Templates in Your Business

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Where do you use templates in your business? Most of us have a few places we use them, but you probably didn’t realize they can save you time and offer other benefits in every single area of your business. If you’re not using templates now, it’s time to start.

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