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WPLove update training

“Shout out to Terry Loving and her very informative WordPress training webinar she held today. [Feb 25, 22] I learned a few new things even though I’ve used WordPress for many years now.”
Kat Sturtz

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This month would be a great time to learn if you aren’t sure how to do it yet and want a quick task checklist.

Today I want to share with you a way to give your website some “Love” – This is something you can easily take care of to protect and “fix” your site with just a few specific tips.

Website maintenance is what I am talking about – Keeping your site updated and safe.

Yes, it is what I do for my clients and on this special LIVE Zoom I will teach you some of the things you can do confidently.

It happens on Friday, Feb 25th, at 10 am Pacific, 1pm Eastern.

During this LIVE session you will learn some very easy and basic things you can do to show your website some love every week. Things that if not done consistently, may cause you serious headaches in the days ahead.

It will take about an hour, and I will stick around to answer your questions!

Best of all, it won’t cost you a thing! That’s right! It is my goal to reduce the problems you experience as you manage your business.

To get your invitation, you need to let me know you want in! We are going LIVE on Zoom Friday, Feb 25, with tips and security pointers to keep your WordPress Website updated and working smoothly. To get the replay, you must be registered.

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WPLove update training

To your success!!

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