How I Tested the Use of a Free AI Blog Post Writer My Experiment

AI Blog Writer Experiment

In this post, I want to share how I tested the use of a free AI blog post writer and give you the results of my experiment. Having been warned that using an AI blog post writer, the kind that create posts for you with a magical click, would only cause authenticity problems, I was skeptical. Having been told the article would sound stiff, not natural, and not in my voice, I followed the advice and stayed away from AI writing programs.

You need to know that I am very curious and would have to try it out for myself. Much to my surprise, I got the chance to test AI software without purchasing anything. The answer arrived in an email with an offer of free AI software through AppSumo and I pass that offer on to you! (Warning: AppSumo can be a dangerous place if you love those amazing shiny objects!)

Yes, I was suspicious and thinking “Too good to be True”. Skeptical me had to check it out.

The AI Blog Post Writer Experiment.
This is what I did:

First, I signed up for the Autoblogging software free account (click to get your own copy).

The Experiment Steps
Start by identifying the topic you want to blog about. I downloaded a Free packet of PLR articles from Justin Popovic, Tools for Motivation. This gave me articles with the topic idea to work with: Authenticity. (I have not yet used these articles.)

Side note: Authenticity – Has been up for me meaning: Being real and fully me while working online. Not trying to be like anyone else. Not worrying about Impostor Syndrome. Stepping up and speaking out with the skills I know I have. Being authentically me.

  1. I then Immersed myself to learn the very simple Auto blogging software. It seemed easy enough.
    You have two options – Bulk created articles or a single article.
    For this experiment I chose the single article.
  2. The AI blog article is written from a keyword rich headline that you provide.
    (You are also able to add additional keywords to be addressed in the IA article.) 
  3. The next thing was to create a headline so I went to a free headline tool that I trust and use – Headliner and began testing a variety of headlines using the keyword authentic.
    (See video demonstrating it in process.)
    The result, I settled on a headline that scored 86 points – more than happy with that one!
  4. Next step was to put the headline into the Blogging Software, click the button, and wait for the results.
  5. At first it seemed like it wasn’t working. I got error reports that I did not understand. I was ready to throw it away and stop at that point. I was confused because the software had gotten good reviews.
  6. So I went back to AppSumo where I had “purchased” the software and learned that I needed to copy and insert the registration code and then patiently wait for a bit for it to process in the software. I had missed how to do that part.
  7. Therefore, when I went back to the software about an hour later, there was my article completed and ready to download.
  8. I made a video of me bumbling through it with Loom. View the video here: My AI Experiment.
    My Loom affiliate link

AI Blog Post Writer Experiment Results

Here is the article the Software produced: The Test Article

Tell me what you think:

  1. Would you use this software to produce articles?
  2. If yes, when?
  3. What changes would you make to the articles “make it yours”?

This AI software also comes with tools that I did not explore to their fullest:

  • A title Generator
  • A Meta Description Generator
  • Headings / Outline Generator

Are you going to give it a try? Please share your results with us in the Facebook Group!

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Looking forward to hearing from you!


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