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Algorithms that are used by search engines to determine page rankings, are constantly changing. Throughout the year of 2019, Google had four core updates that consisted of these changes. In one year alone they had 3234 enhancements made to Google Search. Because of the enormous amount of variations, it is hard to keep up on exactly how rankings are being decided.

However, there are some aspects that remain unchanged as far as search results go. Included on that shortlist are relevant backlinks and keywords.

A keyword is a particular word or phrase that summarizes the content on that page. They’re kind of like clues for the search engines. It enables them to know your content topic immediately.

When you target certain words or phrases, your chances of increasing your search engine ranking goes way up when you include those words.

By using those certain words the search engine bots (that are generated to crawl the web) can tell right away what your content is about. They are able to do that because they recognize those words or phrases from seeing them before. When they see your content they think to index your page along with the others that they have seen before with the same keywords.

Therefore, your website homepage on creative crafts gets indexed along with all the other pages that share the same topic using those same words or phrases known as keywords. So the big question is how do you get your page to rank above the others? Your ranking can go up or take a dive depending on a few modifications. One of those modifications is backlinks.


Why Do Backlinks Matter?

Let’s first go over what is a backlink exactly. Backlinks are incoming hyperlinks from one page to another page. They can be external or internal. External links are those that link your page to a web page outside of your site. Internal links are those from one of your site pages to another page on your site.

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Backlinks play a big role in search engine rankings. Their role is to help determine popularity and relevancy in regards to using particular keywords and search terms.

For example, a friend on Facebook shares a link with you that they think you will like or will find interesting and you click on it. It takes you out of Facebook and to the page where that information was located. That is what is referred to as a backlink. You “linked” from Facebook to the outside source of information.

So why does this matter to a search engine?

When the search engine goes to rank two different pages that share very similar content, the page with more relevant backlinks will outrank pages with fewer backlinks. Kind of like a popularity contest and the winner gets the ranking!

Whenever search engines can’t determine the higher ranking by other means, they will fall to the backlink count. Search engine algorithms always prioritize backlinks as an important part of the ranking process. For more information on how to create content that search engines love, see our previous post.





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