Wondering how in the world you can get noticed on LinkedIn?  Considering they have an estimated 250 million active users, it’s an understandable question.  However, only about one percent of monthly users are sharing content weekly.  This means you have plenty of opportunities to get noticed on LinkedIn.  Below are some ways that can work for you.

Optimize Your Profile Focusing on the Future

Your profile should be focused on what your future holds.  If you’re looking for new opportunities, target your profile toward your goals, not what’s currently happening.  If you are trying to find clients, your profile should explain that and indicate who you are, what you do, for whom, and why.

Profile Picture and Background

On LinkedIn, your profile picture and background are separate from each other.  You want to upload images that are the right size according to their guidelines and that looks good.  Use a headshot that displays your honest face and eyes.  Visit Picmonkeys post, Look Like a Professional with Your LinkedIn Profile Pic, for more details on presenting a polished look.

Headline and Summary Should Be Focused

Create a focused headline and summary.  This is the first thing your audience will see after your picture.  Create this in a way so that it attracts your target audience using few words.

Keep Information Relevant

Include only relevant background information.  When you complete your LinkedIn profile keep in mind that this is also content to attract your target audience.  Don’t include things that don’t matter to your viewers.

Upload Your Education

You should upload any degrees and certifications.  Upload anything that makes you look more professional.  Anything from your certifications and skills to speaking engagements should be shared with your audience.  

Use Keywords

Be mindful of your keywords.  There are a lot of places where you can insert the right keywords to attract your target audience.  You could simply add your skills, volunteer information, contact information, and every book you’ve published that is relevant to your goals.

Use Videos

You will want to use video formats whenever possible.  Right now videos are one of the top content formats that people seem to respond to.  You should use a variety of content types on LinkedIn, but do try to make the video format most prevalent for the best results.

Create a Personalized URL

You can create a personalized LinkedIn URL.  This gives you an opportunity to use a keyword or your name and make it more memorable when you share it with others.

Ask for Recommendations

After you have completed your profile start asking the right people for recommendations.  For example, invite people to vouch for you on a job listing that can give you a good recommendation and vouch for your skills. 

Post Content Daily

You will want to post new content on a regular basis.  Try to publish something new daily on your feed or at least two to three times a week.  Keep in mind that most people are posting less than weekly on LinkedIn, which means you will stand out more.  However, don’t post more than once a day or it may irritate or overwhelm some people.  See our previous post, Post Like a Pro on LinkedIn, for more posting tips.

By following these tips to make your profile stand out and publishing relevant content frequently, you will successfully stand out on LinkedIn.  Keep your profile very active and relevant to those you are wanting to network with.  To maximize the benefits of using LinkedIn, stand out as someone people want to know, who is real and transparent.  Success is sure to follow!


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