Expanding your LinkedIn network may take some time, but it’s not difficult and well worth the effort you put into it.  LinkedIn has over 500 million users with half of them being active, so your chance of finding your audience is very likely if you grow your LinkedIn network using these tips:

Setting Goals and Objectives

Before you can think about reaching your goals, you have to first determine what they are.  What do you hope to accomplish using LinkedIn?  Are you wanting to recruit employees or find clients?  Once you know what you want to do, design the game plan for reaching those goals based on LinkedIn’s rules and best practices.


LinkedIn offers many places that you can personalize – from your headline and summary to your personalized URL option and more.  Add something personalized to every single section if it’s relevant to your goals.

Updated Profile

You don’t want your profile to be outdated or incomplete.  If you want to grow your network or your business, you’ll need to keep your profile current.  Every time you update it, your update will be shared with your connections.  So, the more you update it, the more you’ll be noticed.  Try adding something each day until it’s completed.  In case you missed it, see our previous post, How to Get Noticed on LinkedIn.

Consistent Posting

Post regularly at least two to three times a week if possible.  Most people are posting once a week right now so once a day is sufficient posting.  In fact, less than one percent post weekly, with the rest posting monthly.  Be sure to post relevant content to gain attention.

Stay Engaged

People that post don’t want you to wait a long time to respond.  Try getting on their thread and engage with them on anything relevant to you.  Thank them if they respond back to you.  Staying engaged and replying quickly especially using InMail, is a must when it comes to building your network.

Lean Toward Video

Video is currently the most popular online content format.  For this reason, you will want to lean toward using video when possible.  It’s easier then you may think.  You can use PowerPoint and a voice-over without having to actually make an appearance on the video.  Or you may find this to be an area more appropriately outsourced to a professional team.  


Refrain from using the automatic features that LinkedIn offers when inviting your email contacts.  There’s a better way.  You want to personally invite the right people to connect with you on LinkedIn.  Then, cross-promote your profile to your other social platforms.


You have many opportunities to use keywords in your profile, summary, headlines, etc.  Keywords are fundamental when it comes to your profile and for effective search engine optimization.  Anytime you name something, think about which keywords your audience will use.

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