I Added These to My Daily Routine to Boost My Productivity

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January has a way of prodding me, motivating me, not to make resolutions, more like reminding me with my desire and determination to be more focused in my online business. A gift given to me this January – Brenden Burchard’s Growth Day app, provides daily motivational thoughts. It reminded me to set a strong intention to gain clarity for how to be more productive and happier at what I do. What I know for sure is a well-designed daily routine boosts my productivity. (Bredon Burchard: High Performance Habits)

As part of my plan, I set out to review how I’ve managed my time each day to reach my goals and found I need a bit more discipline on how I approached my routines and daily habits. I do know that once I have clarity, productivity can be achieved by creating small routines or daily habits that are performed primarily without thinking about it each day.

By making my actions routine and, more importantly, a habit, I get more done and not feel like I’m always working. The joy of doing what I do and the feelings of accomplishment will happen as I show up for me.

The Daily Routine that Boosts my Productivity

1. Get and Stay Hydrated 
 One of the first things I do each day is gulp down a large glass (8oz or more) of water. Add lemon if you wish. You can enjoy it cold or warm depending on the time of the year. This allows me to start my day hydrated and boosts my energy. Then, having a 62oz water bottle with me reminds me to drink more throughout the day. 

2. Create a Morning Routine 
 The first hour of my morning includes feeding the cats and meditation. Your routine will be different than mine. The things I do have become a ritual that starts at 5 am. My body no longer needs an alarm to wake me. I’m in bed at 9 and up at 5. I drink coffee, get dressed, walk, and then shower.

You can set up a morning routine for your self-care that works for you, which may include take a shower, make your bed, get dressed, eat breakfast, etc. You may also want to add in meditation, do some yoga, or journal morning pages in the morning routine.

3. Review My Schedule 
 On Saturdays, I treat myself to about an hour to look ahead to the week and plan out my days. In my morning routine I review that plan and block out time to get the items that have to be done completed. I set priorities for the items that need to be completed and get those out of the way first. Email can wait. My head is clearest if I get important things done first.

4. Invest in My Nutrition 
 A known way to become more productive is to eat right. Your diet is more important than whether you walk or bike for exercise. Planning ahead to have what I need for meals and snacks is providing more energy and clarity of focus. It’s not always been this way. Food is a huge challenge for me and yo-yo dieting part of my life. However, recently, it is a number one priority to eat and drink as healthy as I can. I want to more of the vitality I am seeing and feeling. Currently we have chosen a plant-based diet and my sugar cravings have subsided amazingly and I am loving the food choices! Talk to me in a few weeks to see how it is going!

5. Develop a Positive Mindset
 The studies show that if you find ways to look at the positive aspects of your life with gratitude it tends to strengthen your motivation and momentum. The motivation usually comes after you take action and focus on the feelings you experience after you take a specific action. Creating an awareness around the successful experiences no matter how small you think they are, encourages you be more positive because you feel more productive and helpful. Writing down 3–5 things you are grateful for at the beginning and end of each day, is a habit that builds and anchors in the positive mindset. (More on Gratitude)

6. Celebrate the Wins
 Breath and take a moment to recognize and celebrate every little positive step and accomplishment. When you are successful and accomplish something, find a way to celebrate. Celebrations can be a moment of acknowledgement to a partner or friend — a humble brag on social media. You can draw on the experience to motivate you to take more actions.

7. Segment the Workday
 Take a break every hour or so! Brenden Burchard talks about a 10-minute break with some movement and deep breathing at your desk every 50 minutes or so. Don’t work all the time. Your brain and body need to get the blood flowing to activate your creativity. This is especially important if you work for yourself. The work never ends. Set specific hours for your workday. Stick to these hours at least 80 percent of the time. Keep in mind that remaining flexible is important. Sometimes working hard is going to be required, and know it’s not required every single day.

8. Wrap up the day
Take a few moments to clear your desk, write down or take note of what you accomplished and what the next steps are to move forward. It will give you a fresh start when you begin the next work period and time won’t be wasted wondering where you left off.

9. Create an Evening Routine
There are so many options here. You will know what works best for you to settle you into a restful sleep mode. Turn off the TV and close down the apps on your phone. Write out your gratitude list and the wins for the day. Open your mind to the possibility of a great night’s sleep. In the winter, I have an electric blanket and keep the room cool. My partner uses a CPap machine so I also use noise canceling headphones that I’ve trained my self to sleep with. They would also help if your partner snores. A bit of stretching, brushing my teeth, and preparing clothes for the next day put a finishing touch for my day.

Your routine will be different than mine as you accommodate the details of your personal life. Children will add an entirely different spin to your day. I get that!

Know that each time you add a routine to your day that can be repeated regularly and easily, you are beginning to create a habit. Establishing good habits can add to the ease and peace to your day. Good habits incorporate a trigger and have a rewarding response. The trick is to set up your triggers to be rewarding, conditioning you to experience life with more success, peace, and joy.

I would love to hear about the routines that are working for you! Mine need tweaking periodically to stay fresh and meaningful. 

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