Impostor syndrome
Impostor syndrome

Sluggishness, Procrastination, Impostor Syndrome?

Is it because of what’s happening in the world? The virus, lockdown, racial reform? I think that is contributing, yet for me and my business it has another flavor. Some moments I wonder if I am a fraud?

Recently it feels like I am slogging through mud. You may know the experience:  I am walking along and suddenly it feels like my boots are stuck in the mud. As I attempt to move forward my foot slips out of the boot and lands in the mud and my boot stays behind… Each time this happens it takes time to clean up the mess and I’ve lost track of what I’ve been working on, needing to forge a new path.  Each step gets done eventually and sometimes it takes more time than initially planned.

What I am experiencing does not feel like procrastination. I am motivated. I get up early. I have a to-do list.  I do “get things done”.  Yet as I reflect on my day at day’s end, it feels like I’ve not done enough to celebrate much of anything.  There is always more to do. Wondering if it really is “good enough”.  Or so I tell myself.

Lately I’ve been taking another look at Impostor Syndrome.  I believe its voice in my head has been a factor holding me back.; Sabotaging my sense of success.

I’m told we all experience it. Some have figured out ways to overcome its challenges.  If you’ve figured out how to tackle its influence in your business, I would love to hear from you!

What is impostor syndrome? There are many definitions. There are several great TED talks and videos that address this. )I watched 2 then decided I needed to get to work.  I will go back.)


For me it shows up as

  • “Not good enough” stuff – They will call me out and call me “Fraud”, lack of confidence in myself and skills. (undercharging) (anxiety) (self-doubt)
  • There is always more I can learn. Overthinking. Taking another course. (procrastination) (shiny object)
  • Avoiding risk or awkwardness in unpleasant situations. (self-confidence) (perfectionism) (Disorganization) (Distractions) (fear of failure)

In the pre work for a course I am taking we are reflecting on how impostor syndrome is happening in our lives with the hope that it will help us get our feet out of the mud. In other words, put us on solid ground as we move forward with progress in the class and success in our business.  

It touched a real note for me. I would love to hear from you. When does impostor syndrome show up for you and what do you find works to break through it?

I can see for myself these things will help

  • Realistic “doable” goals and timelines.
  • Prioritizing my to do list.
  • Doing the “hard things” first
  • Project Deadlines
  • Clear processes for pricing and client qualification
  • Systems in place to get things done
  • Documentation and delegation
  • Gratitude & celebration of each step along the way

If you have a moment, please share your experience with impostor syndrome and how you work with it.

Celebrating our successes

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