LinkedIn is a leading social platform used for anyone that is trying to develop their career or enhance their professional networking.  Both job seekers and employers use linked in to connect.

Because LinkedIn is geared toward business professionals, their platform is always changing to accommodate their audience’s needs.  LinkedIn offers a variety of features tailored to professional networking.  You can send out invitations to connections that you would like to meet, and introduce people to connections you think they should meet.  The contact options allow you to send and receive messages privately and publicly in your newsfeed where your connections can view it.

Business Minded

LinkedIn is a serious social media arena.  The people that use it to network with other professionals are serious businesspeople.  Keep this in mind when you are posting.  Posting too often is not going to gain the attention you may think and will more than likely get on your connections nerves.  It’s not the place to post about what you had for dinner as some people do on Facebook.

Quality Minded

Focus on sending relevant updates to your connections and you will find that posting regularly will not be difficult.  Keep your goals in mind and send messages to your connections that are of high-quality.

Consistency is Key

Not only should you be consistent in your posting frequency, but also in your messaging.  This will bring you more attention on this platform than posting multiple times a day.  Share updates about what you are doing in your business or post a blog post that you’re highlighting.  According to the following are peak times to post on LinkedIn:

  • Best times: Wednesday from 8–10 a.m. and noon, Thursday at 9 a.m. and 1–2 p.m., and Friday at 9 a.m.
  • Best day: Wednesday and Thursday
  • Worst day: Sunday

Share What’s Relevant

When you are posting on LinkedIn, be sure that the point of your message is relevant to your contacts.  Ask yourself the following questions:  Why am I sharing it?  What result am I trying to achieve?  What action do I want my readers to take?  Once you know the answer you can then put a call to action in your post and decided if you should share that update.

Minimum Posting

By all means if you don’t want to post every day, don’t.  However, you should at least post twice a week according to the experts.  This keeps your account active as well as keeping your updates consistent and your audience well informed.

Lastly, it’s more important that you stay engaged on LinkedIn more than just posting without any interaction.  Join relevant groups and stay engaged by making comments and responding to any replies.  Pay attention to your connection’s updates so that you can comment on their posts too.  Staying engaged and making valuable connections is the most important aspect of LinkedIn.

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