Whether you have an online or offline business, content marketing is vital to its growth.  LinkedIn is a great arena to use for content marketing.  Content is needed to provide useful information, create products, and communicate with your audience.  Use the following tips to have a successful content marketing plan using LinkedIn.

Know Your Goals

LinkedIn is for you if you want to:

  • Grow your brand awareness
  • Promote your products or services
  • Generate more leads
  • Connect with your ideal customer/ client
  • Build a community around your brand

Before you publish anything it’s important that you know what your goal is and what the point is of the content you’re going to publish.

Publishing Locations

Don’t mistakenly think that you’re limited to publishing articles on LinkedIn for your content marketing.  Use LinkedIn’s platform to the fullest by expanding your content marketing to your profile page, your company page, groups, emails, and even other people’s content.

Content Types

You will want to use a variety of different content types.  You can publish posts, photos, videos, articles, and links on LinkedIn.  Try to throw in a good mix of promotional content, along with other content types.  Your promotional content should not exceed the recommended 20%.  Focus on whatever is popular at the moment, such as videos that are getting a higher engagement rate right now.  Visit Snappa for free and customizable LinkedIn post templates.

Choose Relevant Subjects

This will relate back to your knowing your goals you have set for your content marketing on LinkedIn.  It should be something your targeted audience will find value in and helps to establish their trust and shows your expertise.  You can publish an opinion article, informational articles, or share news related to your field and your commentary on it. The choice is yours.

Let Your Sales Funnel Guide You

The whole point of even posting content is to give your ideal audience that chance to find you.  Your goal here is to direct them from LinkedIn to your site and eventually to your email list.  From there you can build your relationship and get them to purchase your products or services that you offer.

Stay Engaged

Anytime you publish something you should ask for feedback.  Be sure to engage with those that comment on your content.  If you see that they are liking your content, but you are not receiving any comments, reach out to them and ask them what they liked most about the post.

LinkedIn, like most other social media platforms, is based on the mutual exchange of useful content and responses to that content.  That’s the glue that holds the internet together.  The base idea is that people will converse about various topics online that will be mutually beneficial.

Lastly, don’t forget about including your call to action (CTA).  Your CTA can be a question, asking people to like, share, follow, etc.  You should give them clear instructions on what the next step is you want them to do to have the greatest success with your content marketing.  Once you have your profile complete and targeted, then publish your content two to three times a day or week to get the best results.  See our previous post, Post Like A Pro on LinkedIn, for more information on how to make your posts get the best results.

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