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LinkedIn promotes itself that they are the best place to fill your job listings.  They are geared more toward professional, salaried positions then they are toward hourly or unskilled positions.

Their focus as both a business and an employment service is to open up global opportunities for professionals.  Their mission is to, “connect professionals so they can be more successful.”  LinkedIn’s entire platform was designed around that idea.

Create A Targeted Company Profile

Your first step when you are using LinkedIn to find new employees is to create a targeted company profile.  Set up your business profile completely and answer any questions before they complete the application process.  This helps to sift through your choices and detect those that would be poor choices and those that seem more fitting for the job.  Think of your target audience when you create the profile.

Keep Contact Information Current

You want to make sure that any job listings or your profile have current contact information and that email system works correctly.  You don’t want to take the chance of missing out on any potential candidates being able to reach you.

Listing Each Job

Soon as you have a new listing get is posted on LinkedIn right away.  This allows that network to see the job listing first, and then you can share the job listing from there and gather applications from candidates.  For additional help on posting job listings visit LinkedIn.

Put Your Network to Use

Ask your network for recommendations on new job listings.  Once it is posted, you can share it to your feed as a status update.  Ask your network to recommend or tag this job for potential applicants or have them give you their contact information for those they would recommend.  The more you build your network the more choices you would have.

Searching for Candidates

It’s important to use the right keywords for the job, your industry, and any other relevant information regarding the position you are trying to fill.  Have the job requirements handy so that you are able to quickly scan any resumes that you receive to see if they meet the requirements and qualifications needed.  You can also browse their network as you will likely find similar qualifications in their network contacts and possibly other potential candidates.

Candidate Communication

When you have a potential candidate that seems right for the job, reach out to them via email. You can use InMail which is LinkedIn’s email system that allows you to contact people you are not connected with.  Keep your messages brief and get directly to the point as you’re not permitted very much space.

Stay Engaged

After you are in contact with potential candidates, stay engaged with them and others.  Stay engaged with former employees, candidates, and any others that you consider quality prospects.  They may know someone else who may be interested in the position.

Posting status updates regularly that talk about the latest news with your company and highlight some profiles of current employees asking them to tell their personal story of when they got the job.

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