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I am in a Bootcamp Mastermind and we recently met for the for 3 days. I am exhausted, and exhilarated!

I started working with another member, Jim, and I wanted to tell you about him.

Jim is retired and in the process of getting a new business online, a business that would fit his current interests and passions – an active lifestyle – fitness for those in their senior years.

Jim watched his mother as she grew older, experience physical setbacks due to inactivity. Others were expressing things to him like they couldn’t walk up many flights of stairs without getting winded or some of the activities they used to love doing were just getting harder!  

He passionately believes people would like to understand how they might avoid those setbacks and Jim knew he had the knowledge to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle but he did not have the tech skills to get a website up fast and put his ideas out there.

After a quick conversation about what he wanted to do I was able to make the website happen for him.

And after this Bootcamp weekend I am excited to tell you,  Jim’s new business is well on its way!

After 3 short days he has 7 blog posts and a lead magnet ready for his business – all because he didn’t have to waste countless hours figuring out and getting the tech done. He was able to focus on his passion – helping people!

Could this be you?

You’ve gotten feedback like  “Wow! That’s a great idea! I would pay you for it!” and then you don’t go any further?

You just can’t get over the technology hurdle of getting it out there.

Is your idea in one of these popular topics proving to make money right now?

Personal wellness
A Course on a hobby
Bookkeeping and Accounting
Consulting – sharing your expertise
Graphic Design
Video creation
And may more!

Then you, too, could get a business launched and start making money very quickly.

Don’t get frustrated with the time it takes to learn all the techie pieces to give your idea that jumpstart into action.

I’ve got a “Magic” solution so you do not have to tackle those “techie” pieces. 
Its a  quick fix to get you started.

You can get your 3 page WordPress website up quickly so that you can launch that business idea, connect with your community, and start the money flowing.

Details here

If you have an idea that you want to put out there and are frustrated or blocked with the techie process, this will get you the start you’ve been looking for.  

Creating a basic WordPress site from a template comes easy to me. I’ve been creating websites for people for a long time. Can I do it for you and give you some peace of mind?

The install is followed up with a short video to walk you through what I did &  teach you how to quickly make it your own.  

With this offer you receive a Quick Build, 3 page WordPress Website to get your business up fast and ready to make you money. I create it on your domain and your hosting so that YOU own the site for your business.

Why do I feel so strongly about owning your own website?

Recently a dental office contacted me and wanted me to move their website. After a brief conversation I discovered they did not own their domain name and they didn’t own any of the content.

They had subscribed to an expensive, monthly service that owned all the materials and the platform. And kept increasing the price. There are many of these same types of offers out there.

With the website set up I am offering, you own everything. It gives you the jump-start you need to get started and grow your business.

Check out the offer details here:

WordPress Website FAST

I’ve just reopened this for 10 clients to give you a powerful boost into 2021.

I am really looking forward to helping a few more people this December and hoping one of them is you!

Can’t wait to help make 2021 your best year ever!

To your Success,


PS: If you’re not sure if my special WordPress Fast program is right for you, just hit reply to this email and tell me what you’re thinking. We may need to jump on a quick zoom call to talk about your big plans for 2021.

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